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Meet Our Team


Steven S. Hussey, PI

Applied Technologies, Visual Graphics, FX & Animation Instructor

Serving as the PI, Steven will be responsible for overseeing the day- to-day implementation of the grant activities as approved by the NSF ATE. In this capacity, Steven will supervise Project personnel and interface with the assigned NSF ATE program officer. Additionally, Steven will interface with the Project corporate partners and corporate partners’ subject matter experts in the development of the new curriculum.

Dr. Melinda Byrd-Murphy, PD

EdD, EdS, Higher Education Administration

Dr. Byrd-Murphy is responsible for the overall administration of the Project and NSF ATE budgets, reports, interfacing with the external evaluator and ensuring that the Project is progressing as designed and approved by the NSF ATE program officer.


Elizabeth Thompson Day, Co-PI

Chairperson, Coastal Alabama College - Applied Technologies Division

Elizabeth will provide supervision support for the Project in her role as the Chairperson of the Coastal Alabama CC Applied Technologies Division. Elizabeth holds a Master of Education and a B.S. in Education from Auburn University as well as an Associate of Arts from Faulkner State Community College. Finally, Elizabeth has 18-years teaching experience in the business education disciplines.

Angel Muniz, Co-PI

Immersive Designer, Industry Consultant, Lead 2D/3D Artist & Visual Effects

MR/AR Specialist, Angel will assist with the development of the Associate of Applied Science -Dynamic Reality Tech Program curriculum, the use of Microsoft HoloLens technology in developing the training simulations, and teaching selected courses. Angel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media Arts & Animation with a focus on game art & design – environment, hard surface props, from the Art Institute of Houston. She served as a former NASA JSC Intern.

Angel Muniz Co Principal Investigator National Science Foundation Grant Coastal Alabama College

Mary Beth Cornell, Co-PI

TAPPI Representative

Serving as a Co-PI and representative of TAPPI, one of the Project initial corporate partners, Mary Beth will assist with the development of training standards for the VR/AR/MR-based simulations and practical applications, provide selected course elements to the pulp and paper industry, assist with the development of the pulp and paper module on Pulp And Paper Process Control Training Simulator, and provide published updates on the Project in the monthly TAPPI Journal.

Kristen Barnhill

Animation, VFX & Design - Instructor

A dedicated instructor at Coastal Alabama College for Animation & FX, she earned her Associates Degree in Graphic Design at Faulkner State Community College. With a Bachelors Degree in Digital Arts form LSU, Kristen received specialized training for Character Animation under guidance of professionals from Pixar, DreamWorks and WETA Digital. During her time at Louisana State University, Kristen served as an Assistant Instructor for 3D Software. She became the first Animation Instructor for Faulkner State Community College. 



Programming & Development - Instructor

MR/AR Specialist, with both lab and industry experience, Carlos has developed for Hololens, Vive, and more for both University labs and industry use cases. WIth a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Houston with a specialization in game design, Carlos will assist with industry perspective and design principles. He will be teaching programming courses and will assist with the development of the Dynamic Reality Tech Program.

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